About Us

I have had an interest in mechanical watches for over 50 years, especially the MuDu watch.

I saw my first MuDu watch in 1959 at the age of 14 when one of my school friends was given his first watch from his father – you guessed it – a MuDu. This was a good looking manual wind.

It was to be 20 years later in the late 1970’s before I bought my first MuDu from my dear friend Barry Leach, a well respected clock and watch maker. The watch came from a watch shop clearance in Devon and was in mint condition; still in its tissue paper I was actually reluctant to put a strap on it! I paid a whopping £50 but as you can see from the photo it is a beautiful specimen.

From there on my collection has grown, and grown, and well, grown to 697!

I scour boot fairs, antique markets, ebay and madaboutwatches (Rod Armstrong) website to source the majority of watches I own. Rod and my wife Janette would often be in cahoots for half of the year to source my Christmas present – 13 MuDu watches one year!

Over the years I have gleaned a reasonable amount of information about MuDu watches from various sources and now that I have retired I have decided to share my passion and watches with others.

Best wishes,

Peter Lucas